Leadership Development

  • Terrie Purgason, Motivational Speaker and Transformational Leadership –
    Twelve Leadership Development Seminars
    Gain insight and new skills for better understanding   who you are, Whose you are, why you are here, and gain specific tools for living into your unique leadership potential in Christ.
    Building an Inward Outward Impact!
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    FPU Seminary credit may be available under certain circumstances.
    Terrie Purgason, Director of Transformational Leadership                                                                                       CBWC, Growing Healthy Churches & Fresno Pacific Seminary
    Sponsors: CBMC, CBWC, Fresno Pacific Seminary, Growing Healthy Churches Hosted by Fresno First Baptist Church where seminars are held.
    1400 E. Saginaw Way, Fresno, Ca 93704; 559- 227-8477; www.fresnofirst.org  As Director of Leadership Development for CBWC my role is to connect women with leadership development that includes:
    · Specialized classes
    · Training seminars
    · Mentoring
    · Coaching
    · Spiritual formation
    My purpose is or connect women with resources and opportunities that cause them to flourish in the workplace and beyond.