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Christian Business Women’s Connection w/ Mary and Dr. Joseph

During this Holiday Luncheon CBWC and CBMC joined together to welcome the New President of Fresno State University. We had the opportunity to hear from both Dr. Castro and his wife Mary and they talked about near tragedy, their commitment to faith as well as Dr. Castro’s role at Fresno State.

Michael Bogart, President of Aspect Ministries

This video features Michael Bogart who is President of Aspect Ministries, which focuses on training Christians in three key areas: training Christian leaders in developing countries; meeting the challenge of world religion; equipping North American Christians to reach the Absent Generation of 18-30 yea-olds who are missing from organized Christianity. CBWC leadership is current President…
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Naomi Martinez Cox

This video features Naomi Martinez Cox who interblends biblical teachings with her own life stories of struggles and successes making God’s Word come alive. President of CBWC is Joan Crawford Sandlin and other members of the Advisory Council include Naomi Martinez, Marvel French, Martha Kistler, Terrie Purgason, Kathy Salinas and Mary Swarts. Video is provided…
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