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Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

CBWC Fresno Presents Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Guest Speaker – Sylvia Plumb

CBWC Luncheon March 27 Business Etiquette 101

Joan is reviving her former business, “Power, Polish and Presence”. She is an etiquette expert and believes that manners, personal/business etiquette and appropriate social skills are becoming a lost art.

CBMC CBWC Annual Celebration Banquet 2018

BMC & CBWC Fresno Presents: The 35th Annual Celebration Banquet 2018 “The Ever After” featuring guest speakers: Jennifer and Rex HudlerHere is video highlights from an interview style tapping of Rex and Jennifer Hudler. They share their lives, trials and what has been their strength from the day they met. Rex is a TV Color…
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